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6 Best Ways to Put a Newborn to Sleep (Best Tips)

Getting a baby to sleep isn’t a simple task. Even experienced parents quickly learn that each baby is different. For new moms and dads, it’s often an unexpected part of being a new parent. No one ever told them THIS PART of caring for a newborn! What worked for baby number one may not work for baby number two and so on and so forth. It is frustrating when the baby is tired but won’t sleep, especially when nothing seems to help, and work or other tasks come in a few short hours. Looking for baby sleeping tips? The following six baby sleeping tips are a few of the best ideas for parents to try to help their baby sleep. Countless parents find they work for their baby and so will you!

1- Develop a Routine

Use the first two weeks of the baby’s life to adjust to the new parenting role. Once the baby reaches the two-week mark, develop a routine that teaches baby daytime is for fun; nighttime for sleep. Starting a routine early minimizes the sleepless nights later down the road.

A baby will calm down much easier when he knows what to expect. A bath and story before he’s placed in the crib associates the activities with sleep while music, sounds, and bright lights on toys and other objects help him learn that it’s time to have some fun.

Consistency is key when developing a routine or a newborn. It won’t happen overnight and certainly requires persistence and patience. Eventually, however, it’s worth the effort when everyone sleeps soundly both at nap time and night time. This is one of the best baby sleeping tips you’ll ever hear!

2- Swaddle Your Baby

Another one of the best baby sleeping tips: swaddle baby. Swaddling is one of the easiest ways to lull a baby to sleep. Problem is, swaddling is complicated for the majority of new parents, particularly if it’s a middle-of-the-night attempt at putting the baby to sleep.

Baby lives inside of mom’s womb for nine months. It’s a tight space, one that comforts babies. And so, once he arrives in the real world, it’s bigger and scarier than what he’s known so far. Swaddling creates the tight space that a baby is accustomed to, which provides comfort that allows him to, well, sleep like a baby!

Take time to learn the art of swaddling when you’re seeking the best baby sleeping tips that really work. Practice makes perfect; swaddling is simple after a few tries. Baby loves being tightly wrapped in a comfy blankie. Sleep comes easy -for baby and mom and dad – when you’re comfortable.

3- What’s That Noise?

Many new parents think a quiet, noise-free home is best for their newborn. Truth is, babies are accustomed to hearing a noise similar to that of a vacuum cleaner. This is what it sounds like to be inside of mom’s womb. An entirely quiet room may cause sudden noises to startle a sensitive baby.

White noise machines work wonders for comforting a newborn. Consider adding one to the nursery when the baby arrives. They work well beyond the first few months of life. Expect many great years of comfort with a white noise machine. Best of all, the machines are inexpensive! Holding baby to sleep may become a thing of the past when using baby sleeping tips like this one!

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4- Sway Your Baby/Holding Baby to Sleep

Rock-a-bye baby is one of the sweetest lullabies of all time that so often gets baby to sleep quickly. It’s soothing and comforting, offering the baby the relaxation that sends him into dreamland. Of course, for many parents, that only happens when they’re swaying or rocking or holding baby to sleep. Some parents hate the idea of holding baby to sleep but find they do it when all else fails and they’re tired.

Babies love being swayed and rocked and holding baby to sleep is right up their alley. They love it just as much as they enjoy being swaddled. That’s why babies sleep so quickly in mom and dad’s arms or when they’re inside of a baby swing. Lay him down just before he drifts off to sleep so holding baby to sleep doesn’t become problematic! You can sway your little bundle of joy to help him sleep all that you want, without the common misconception that you’ll ‘spoil’ him. Besides, they’re only small once and holding baby to sleep is sometimes the best way to create those lasting bonds.

5- Use a Pacifier

Some parents love them; others swear against them. Other parents who swore them off quickly rush to the baby store when nothing else seems to comfort their baby. Pacifiers are not so bad for a newborn. It mimics their natural sucking reflex, which is totally amazing to a baby. Talk to your pediatrician about pacifiers and their pros and cons if you have concerns.

Pacifiers are safe, sold at most all baby shops and boutiques for just a few bucks. Offering your newborn a pacifier may very well be the solution that helps you all finally get the shut eye that you need to feel your best and be at your most productive state of mind. Pacifiers also help cranky babies during the day and during all of those other citations when nothing else seems to help.

6- Shorten Naps: Top Baby Sleeping Tips

As mentioned, differentiating between night and day is not simple for a baby. He’s been in your tummy for nine comfortable, dark months, after all, where sleeping was constant. Now that he’s arrived, it is up to mom and dad to teach him night is for sleep, the day is for play. One way to help achieve this feat is to shorten naps.

Shortening naps may be the last thing that you want to do when it’s the only time that you have to get things done. However, if it means getting the baby to sleep longer and night, it’s worth those few minutes of your time. So many parents are up all night with their year-old-baby and sometimes even toddlers. Don’t allow this scenario in your life!

The baby sleeping tips above are some of the most common solutions parents can use to help their little one sleep soundly and snugly at night. Holding baby to sleep is one of the most common ideas but also one that many parents do not like. Try out as many of the baby sleeping tips on this list as you’d like. Don’t stop your goal of getting baby to sleep by holding baby to sleep when so many other strategies work just as wonderfully!

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